How to launch custom scripts from right click menu on caja

In order to create a script to launch it from mouse right click menu on caja you have to create a bash script and put it on : 
Where you have to replace user with your username
After that make the script executable with:
sudo chmod +x

A useful script is this one that compress the selected folder and then delete it keeping only the compressed one.
Use it at your own risk

string=$(echo $CAJA_SCRIPT_SELECTED_URIS | tr "%20" " " ) #replace %20 with double space
string=$(echo $string | tr " " " " ) #replace double space with single space
#echo "$string" >> a
file_path=$(echo "$string" | grep -oP "^$prefix\K.*") #remove file:// from filename
current_file=$(basename "$file_path") #get the name after the last slash
#echo "$file_path" >> a
#echo "$current_path" >> a
zip -r -j "$current_file" "$current_file" && rm -rf "$current_file" #compress the file and delete the original

Method tested on debian 9 with Mate and Caja filemanager.



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